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SNIES code: 1512.
Qualified Record resolution: 2085 March 2010.
SNIES code 181243400000500111100. Qualified record. Resolution 3393 of December 23, 2003 Voluntary Accreditation of the Ministry of National Education.
Resolution 478 of February 6, 2006 the Ministry of National Education
Degree: Lawyer.
Duration: Five years.
Dean: Juan Carlos Vasquez Rivera.

- How can men and women be trained as free persons for the science?

- How is epistemologically the law founded?

- How the law is investigated?

- Which values and beliefs are the foundations for a lawyer education?

- How does the Law impact the common benefit development?

- With which technology is the Law developed?

- How does an attorney build the Law?

- Our Faculty has an excellent group of teachers with a strong moral and intellectual training; being honest in their professional practice; always interested in maintaining a respectful, friendly and permanent academic dialogue treatment between teachers and students, inside and outside the classroom.

- Because of the strength of its curriculum. The curriculum allows the graduate of the Faculty be a suitable professional because of his training and a very competitive professional in different areas of law. A flexible curriculum with fundamental core subjects, with emphasis and electives subjects; allows the student to advance to a double degree.

- Our aspiration is to help foster a research culture that transcends the academic level and inserts in a more dignified Colombia for every citizen in the country, by the serious teacher and students commitment in the various learning ways and law teaching.

- Our Faculty has 120 part-time teachers, 42 in plant, 16 of them dedicated to intellectual production and research.

- The teachers have enough technological resources and audiovisual aids for their classes.

- Because, we, the students, enjoy a campus that allows us to enjoy university life, in their comprehensive training and a deanship, whose function is to ensure student welfare and spiritual growth.

- The students enjoy different means of expression: the Journal of University Students and Channel U. We enjoy the complete institutional support for activities that allow us a deeply human personal and intellectual development.

- Because the research lines managers attitude is a teachers and students commitment with the new forms of legal education development, because we are aware that without this purpose is not possible to investigate the legal knowledge and without legal knowledge we can never keep talking about current science.

- There is a serious commitment to carry out a significant transformation in our educational content, our methodological models and our academic goals in order to achieve and devise a law that meets the country we live in needs.

- Because we are aware that we live in demands for justice and equity times.

- Our Faculty has great academic support, which give students a wide education from the experiences in training: study centers, theaters systems, specialized documentation centers, participatory classes, and the court hearing for practices in oral proceedings.

- We have a Legal Office, a Conflict Resolution Center and a Legal, political and social Research Center for the Faculty community service and social projection.

- Because as students we are conscious in the necessary involvement in solving our science imposed needs and therefore to answer to any kind of social injustice.

- Based on the above, the University of Medellin, Law Faculty, primarily promotes research and comprehensive training of the students.

The Law program intends to educate a professional

- With a social consciousness which should be developed through the Law, always vocation for justice, service and social solidarity.

- Responsible, with the ethical duties consciousness required for the society, the State and his own profession.

- Creative, with a high responsibility sense with a solid scientific foundation, critical mentality, social sensibility and service spirit oriented to the institutional motto: science and freedom.

- With the attitudes and abilities associated with the Law professional, ethical agent whose actions are regulated by the human values.

- Committed to the society interests and the State purposes, respectful of the Constitution and the entire legal system.

- Able to make decisions at different times and scenarios that are presented in his professional career.

- With capacities as analysis, synthesis, interdisciplinary and team work.

- Motivated towards his personal and professional growth in order to project a citizen excellent image.

The lawyer from the University of Medellin can perform as a

- Law counselor for public and/or private organizations.

- University teacher.

- Conflict pacific resolution negotiator.

- Independent litigator lawyer.

- A government judicial branch member.

- A public administration member.

- Legal-political and social problems researcher.