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The Reading and Writing Laboratory Bla, bla, bla is a place where students can reinforce their reading and writing skills in the academic community of Medellin University, and the principal aim is to favor the trial, experimentation and research of many forms of oral and written expression. It is installed in an interactive and playful classroom equipped with technological resources and instruments that provide a different experience of language.

In this Laboratory students can participate, for free, in workshops and tutorships including activities such as linguistic games, text interpretation and production, literary creation, reading seminars, oral expression, among others.

To sum up, the laboratory aspires to:

• Reinforce students' reading and writing skills with the help of methodologies that focus practice, experimentation and research of language.
• Provide an alternative to the traditional classroom where students can practice reading and writing.
• Favor students' intellectual and academic growth and progress by offering additional reading and writing practice.
• Consolidate policies of teaching academic literacy at Medellin University leading to the reinforcement of linguistic abilities which are indispensable for the generation of knowledge.





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