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8289 OF DECEMBER 28, 2007




The Master in Government was founded in 2007 to deepen into the knowledge of Public Administration, the functioning of the State and public law bearing in mind the realities of territories to orient local development. Up to date (December 2012)under these premises,8 cohorts have been opened, forming public agents and analysts able to lead and participate efficiently in public resource management designing, implementing and controlling strategic policies and plans which include respect for the social rule of law and guarantee the full exercise of democracy.

Competitive Advantages

Universidad de Medellin's Master's program in Government is supported on a vast experience of the School of Economic and Administrative Sciences; it makes a difference bringing together key actors of public affairs and public topics including renowned professors, officials, aides and consultants of national and international organizations.

The formation program has been constructed reading into local realities and bearing in mind regional contexts. Thus, the school emphasizes on handling concepts and constructing competences. This is done so that public agents may understand public management is not only an exercise to guarantee partially and directly the rights set forth in a norm, but also that it is the State's duty to facilitate society's organization. Furthermore, it must be done in agreement with private resources to provide citizens material conditions so that they may exercise their productive actions and access citizens effectively.

To attain all these results, UdeM's Master's program in Government has signed a framework agreement with Unión Iberoamericana de Municipalistas (UIM) de España (Iberian American Municipality Union of Spain).

Student Profile

Masters of Government students are people trained professionally in fields related to administration, Economics, Accounting, Law and other Social Sciences and Branches of Engineering. They all need to understand public organizational phenomena from a perspective of development and based on the comprehension of the State, citizens, democracy and public policies.

Graduate Profile

UdeM Graduates of the Masters in Government are competent people comprehensively-trained based on freedom and social responsibility to understand public resource management in its various settings. Likewise, they must be able to design, manage, implement and evaluate strategic policies and plans within a public perspective and local development.

During their formation, they acquire oral and written communication abilities, skills for applied research and teamwork, as well as becoming conscientious of the differences between the public sector and the private sector.

Purpose of Student Formation

The intention of the program is to form public agents (professionals interested in topics including management, economic development and public policies). They must have solid knowledge regarding the theory of administration, the functioning of the State, and public law so they may lead and participate efficiently in government management by designing, implementing and controlling strategic policies and plans. These policies and plans must be developed to construct economically sustainable territories where people may respect the social rule of law and guarantee the full exercise of democracy within a framework of democratic governance.