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Degree: Master of International Relations
Duration: Four academic semesters
Credits: 48
Cost per credit: COP$586.000
Mode: Campus-based
Coordinator: Carolina Maria Horta Gaviria

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Teléfono: 340 55 37.



This master's program fulfills Colombia's International Relations needs contributing to the resolution of problems in economic, social, political, and judicial fields in the country: This is done conducting applied research, working case studies or documented creation or interpretation. Furthermore, this program provides the knowledge these professionals require to have a leading role in the construction of spaces for mediation, intermediation and conflict resolution.

This Master's program in International Relations aims to introduce students to the multidisciplinary complexity of international relations, entering into main theories, discourses and approaches. This will endow professionals interested in in-depth study in this field with methodological tools and technical skills to face concrete international relations issues; likewise, they shall develop an autonomous flexible rigorous capability, but above all, proactive in applied research to resolve said issues.

Master's Competencies in International relations:

• Generating proposals to resolve Issues pertaining to International relations
• Designing negotiation strategies
• Managing international cooperation resources
• Analyzing particular International relations situations politically
• Analyzing a setting from a political economic strategy
• Contributing to forming strategy-design competencies in the field of international social economic policy
• Training in International Relations knowledge including theories and trends
• Applied Research
• Contributing to designing and implementing successful strategies in pro of the region the nation being aware of the responsibility and commitment they assume in the economic and social development of Colombia

Alumni's Profile:

UdeM Masters of International Relations are characterized by being leaders having analytical interpretative strategic ways of thinking; moreover, they must have a critical position and be able to face economic commercial political strategic issues and challenges that International relations impose on a process of international insertion.

They will contribute to strengthening and consolidating integration processes and will be able to perform professionally in a starring role in constructing safe spaces and condition, conducting work including conflict mediation, intermediation and resolution as active participants in an International System.

Furthermore, Masters of International Relations are able to interpret and contextualize changes that have taken place in the international system and to lead institutions that form this system. They will be face processes as internationalization, globalization, multiculturalism and multilinguism, which have led people to empower opportunities and generate new ways of adapting to various scenarios that the international system offers. Likewise, this includes everything this implies in economic social political cultural terms.

Eligibility for registration and admissions:

• Register on line at www.udem.edu.co

Applicant will have an interview with master's program faculty members submitting a research proposal and will submit the following documents:

• An original ID and a copy, a photocopy of Graduation Document(s) , diploma(s) of undergraduate or postgraduate programs studied, a photocopy of Military ID, four photos on matte paper; one will be for registration.

Semester  I


Semester  II


Semester  III


Geopolitics (Credits  3)

Globalization , State and territory  (Credits  2)

International Law (Credits  3)  

Theories of International relations (Credits  3)

Seminar  1: Foundation  (Credits  2)

Total credits  semester : 13

Conflict Managing  and Resolutions (Credits  3)

Economical Policy (Credits  3)

International Cooperation

 (Credits  3)

Seminar  2: Formulation (Credits  2)

Total credits  semester : 11

International relations Contemporaneous (Credits  3)

In-depth-studies course (Credits  3)

Elective  1 (Credits  2)

Elective  (Credits  2)

Seminar  3: Field work  or clerical work  or archive work (Credits  2)

Total credits  semester : 12

Semester  IV



In-depth-studies course  (Credits  3)

In-depth-studies course  (Credits  3)  

Elective  3 (Credits  2)

Seminar  4: Graduation project  (Credits  4)

Total credits  semester


International negotiation

International economic policy 

International cooperation

Area studies: Europa, Pacific Asia, North America, Latin America, Middle East, Africa.

Comparative foreign policy.

Intercultural Relations.

International economic conditions.

Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility.

Academic networks:

Rednicol. (International Business Network) in Spanish Red De Negocios Internacionales.
Redintercol. (Colombian International Relations Network) in Spanish Red Colombiana De Relaciones Internacionales.
RNIU. (Urban research Network) in Spanish Red De Investigación Urbana. México.

Research Group:

GINI. (International Business Research Group) in Spanish Grupo de Investigación en Negocios Internacionales.