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Basic information

This research group was created in July 2002 with the objective to carry out UdeM's substantial role of research in Universidad de Medellin Public Accounting Program. It has been basically formed by four researchers with master's training, and they all have formalized research projects and published articles in indexed journals. The group has been basically formed by four people. All of them have formalized research projects and all of them have articles published in indexed journals. In the last few years, other researchers and students who have made some contributions have joined the group. Since the second semester of 2008, two members of the group have started national doctoral studies, and Colciencias has granted one of them a scholarship. The group reached B category in 2006, dropped to C category in 2008 and rose to B category in 2010.

What we have done...

In "new knowledge", our group has led the publication of 3 books, published by UDEM Publishing House (In Spanish, Sello Editorial de la Universidad de Medellin (2005, 2007 y 2011), which are the product of UdeM institutional research events.

Those books are collectively produced, and the members of the group have written several articles. Also, in the group, there are foreign and Colombian colleagues who also conduct work in our research lines. Moreover, the group's Corporate Governance Project produced a book published by Universidad de Medellin, which has been highly accepted within our academic community. In brief, we have published 4 books at UdeM presenting the group's research findings which have in a visible way contributed to our "Colciencias" ranking process.

Since 2004, we have been publishing articles in the same category of "new knowledge", yet we have been gradually participating in publications outside UdeM which are key for the development of knowledge in accounting in Colombia, Latin-America and in Spain. Thus, we have several articles in each one of the three accounting publications indexed by Colciencias: Accounting notebooks (Cuadernos de Contabilidad) Magazine, in Spanish Revista Cuadernos de Contabilidad (Pontificia Universidad Javariana), Universidad de Antioquia Accounting Journal, in Spanish Revista Contaduría Universidad de Antioquia (Universidad de Antioquia) and a publication named Revista Lúmina (Universidad de Manizales). We have also participated in indexed administration and economics publications belonging to accredited universities as: Managerial Studies, in Spanish Estudios Gerenciales (Universidad ICESI), University and Enterprise, in Spanish Universidad y Empresa (Universidad del Rosario), Strategic Sciences, in Spanish Ciencias Estratégicas (Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana), CENES Notes, in Spanish Apuntes del CENES (Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia), Readings in Economics, in Spanish Lecturas de Economía (Universidad de Antioquia). Internationally, the members of the group have published in foreign publications as Accounting and Administration, in Spanish Contaduría y Administration (Mexico), Vera Humanitas (México), Accounting Universe, in Spanish Universo Contabil (Brazil), Double Entry, in Spanish Partida Doble (España), Observatory on Latin-American Economy, in Spanish Observatorio de la Economía Latinoamericana (España). In the publication of articles, we have surpassed endogamy and we are expanding to spaces where we have attained verifiable legitimacy in terms of external citations.

Regarding "researcher training ", we have kept a specific research seedbed in the program, which has generated products as articles for a publication named Revista FRAGUA, numerous lectures for RedColsi events and UdeM research seedbed events, and lectures for national accounting research events. The dynamics of the seedbeds has grown, and each time, they have been qualified more, not only in student mobility to accounting research events in Colombia, but also in the group's participation as lecturers in those events. The group's most important achievement in this sense has been the "Medellin City Hall Award" (in Spanish Premio Alcaldía de Medellín) conferred upon outstanding research students. In 2011, it was conferred upon our student, Tatiana Moncada Ruiz. In UdeM's institutional young researchers program, we have trained alumni of the program, and we expect to have young researchers in Colciencias in the near future; to do so, we have submitted our work to various summonses. The head of the group has been granted partial funding to attend training events at CEPAL (Argentina, 2003), at Harvard University (USA, 2010) and has UdeM's institutional support granting the head of the group time to undertake national doctoral studies. Tuition for the head of the group's doctoral studies tuition is funded by a scholarship granted by Colciencias.

In the category of "socialization and dissemination", we have also advanced a lot in the group. Our starting point has been national events which the group has organized at Universidad de Medellin campus, and which have had as guests researchers from all of Colombia and 2 academics highly renowned in the hispanic accounting research world: Jorge Tua Pereda (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and Mario Biondi (Universidad de Buenos Aires). We have also participated in lectures at national accounting research events in other Colombian cities (as Cartagena, and Manizales) and we have presented lectures on our research results in countries as Argentina (Hugo Macías), Chile (Jaider Cortés and Hugo Macías), Peru (Jaider Cortés), Mexico (Abel Cano, Hugo Macías, Luis Agudelo) and Venezuela (Abel Cano y Hugo Macías). Since 2004, we have participated as lecturers (5 lectures) at the main Latin-American accounting research event, held at UNAM in México.