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Background in seedbed training

Since 2001, Universidad de Medellin has institutionalized three research seedbed cycles: basic, specific and applied. In the first cycle, students in all UdeM programs receive joint training in basic research aspects emphasizing creativity. The research group has conducted directly the specific and applied cycles since 2002, via a semester accounting research seminar in the specific cycle and by participating as research project assistants for professors, in the applied cycle.

Two professors were trained in these research seedbeds, and then, they moved on to becoming members of the group as professor-researchers (Jaider Cortés and Luis Guillermo Herrera). The group has proposed lectures for RedColsi regional and national events, and students have presented lectures at national events at Universidad de Cartagena (2011), Universidad de Manizales (2012), Universidad de Medellin (2011, 2012, 2013) and at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Likewise, three research seedbed students in the group (Juan Diego Guerra, Viviana, and ) participated as speakers at the First Latin-American Meeting of Public Accounting students, organized by ALAFEC and Universidad de la Habana in mayo de 2013 in Cuba. Regarding products, seedbed students in the group have published 2 articles in Revista FRAGUA Magazine (Universidad de Medellin's Internal Seedbed Network Magazine); they published a book chapter at Universidad de Medellin (2012) and have coauthored research articles published in national indexed magazines (concretely in Economic Semester (In Spanish, Semestre Económico) and Lúmina Magazine).

In 2011 as a fruit of this work, Public Accounting Student, Tatiana Moncada Ruiz received the 2011 Medellin City Hall Award for outstanding students in research. This award is conferred in the city of Medellin to 10 college students selected from the academic programs at all the universities located in the city. UdeM Student, Tatiana Moncada used the resources granted by this award for her academic qualification in New York City, where she undertook her academic internship in all of 2013.