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Internationalization at Universidad de Medellin is structured on cultural projection, the promotion of other languages, the establishment and development of agreements for international cooperation, projection and research, and it is structured on extension and the mobility of professors, researchers and students. Thus, it aims to project itself to the world and generate spaces so that the world may inhabit on Campus.

We actively promote student exchange with institutions in different countries around the globe, and we offer conditions so that apprentices may visit our programs. UdeM professors are granted international mobility alternatives and benefits by interacting with networks and associations; as well as, conducting research and projects with organizations that have similar interests and objectives.


• Collection and dissemination of all types of information on international academic offers, scholarship and research grant calls.

• Consolidation and management of databases on agreements, exchanges, cooperation sources, scholarship programs.

• Management and procedures of National and International agreements to obtain student-professor mobility.

• Monitoring and advice during the mobility processes.

• Coordination and support of the various academic, cultural and scientific activities undertaken by the academic community.