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Universidad de Medellin as part of its agreement with the University of Massachusetts in Boston has designed academic programs for everyone whose aim is to improve their knowledge of English or to perfect it; resources go from basic levels to advanced levels. Universidad de Medellin students will have the opportunity to interact with other students from different continents, and this will allow them to learn about many cultures, and hence, improve their communication skills in their professional practice and in everyday English.

This is an experience to which undergraduate and postgraduate students, professors, employees, and graduates can apply; and in some cases, people from outside the University that have some sort of tie to a member of the academic community after being duly authorized by University of Massachusetts.

University of Massachusetts

Courses will be conducted as follows: Classes offer typical topics related to the university and training in academic skills including listening to readings, note-taking, academic writing and research, giving oral presentations, developing creative critical thinking and learning to manage time. There are excursions to cultural and historical sites to complement traditional classes. The structure of a standard program is generally from 18/20 hours a week. Advanced students may select their additional afternoon courses including TOEFL preparation, Project Management or even some regular credit courses after getting special approval. Students must pay additional tuition fees for elective courses, for they are not included in standard program fees.



If you require further information about the English course click here: Additional Information

Form Download:

• Application Requirements / before starting classes
• UMass Boston Application form
• Housing information
• Exchange program Application Form