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General Objectives:

  • To promote the production and generation of scientific and technological knowledge which will contribute to the academic development of the Institution and to the solution of social needs of the country.
  • To consolidate the research culture based on current policies of science, technology and innovation suggested by the national bodies.

Specific Objectives:

  • To plan, execute, control and evaluate the activities related with research in the University.
  • To impel research in the University as a factor of scientific, technological and cultural development.
  • To efficiently administer the resources assigned to the research projects.
  • To favor permanent exchange with well-renowned national groups and research centers of top excellence.


  • Conformation of research groups in each one of the programs offered by the University
  • Adoption of research lines by program
  • Articulation of research with teaching
  • Strengthening of the professoral formation in high level programs – master's degree and Ph D programs
  • Strengthening of the students formation through their participation in the National Program of Young Researchers and Innovators, research seed nurseries and research practices.
  • Increase of the professors' devotion to research.
  • Formalization of agreements and strategic alliances with various social sectors for the development of scientific research.
  • Socialization and divulgation of the results of research in order to contribute to the appropriation and social use of knowledge.


To strengthen research culture, research training, homologation with COLCIENCIAS, furtherance of applied research to arrive at basic research and internalization of research through:

  • Articulation of the institutional research process with science and technology programs.
  • Assurance of generational relay for sustainability of research.
  • Recognition of the research groups in the national scientific community.
  • Development of scientific research.
  • Support in the process of institutional accreditation.
  • Implementation of incentives for professors.
  • Support to high level formation.
  • Formalization of agreements, alliances and support networks with institutions, universities and social sector.