The Educational Media Group provides the following services:

Lending of classrooms, computers, and Internetbooking.
Lending of audiovisual aids in office 11-202 with University I.D.
Attentionto technical problems presented in the classroom.
Rental of classrooms and/or equipment depending on availability.



Recorders withCDandUSB
Recorders forjournalists.


Safety Precautions and Equipment

The following recommendations are made for the safety and organization of equipments:
The keys are given only to the responsible ones, who must always lock the classrooms and return them to the office.
"Safety is everyone's responsibility," they should take care of equipments and report any possible damages.


Be aware of the following precautions:

Check that all cables are properly connected
The power is working properly.
Avoid connecting the computer when overcrowded.
Avoid placing drinks near the equipment.
Avoid inserting flash drives before the icons
Handle only on and off
Do not disconnect the cables and leave the classroom.
Video Video Beam must be off before connecting laptops to avoid burning or damage.


Users are responsible for any damage caused to the equipment and cables that have been provided.
The University of Medellin WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any damage and short circuits caused by the use of equipment installed in any room of the institution.