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Universidad de Medellin was born on February 1, 1950, when a group of outstanding young scholars in the city of Medellin became spokespeople for important sectors of the community in Antioquia. They took it upon themselves to see to the need the city had of building a higher education center where People could teach freely and at the same time assuming learning.

The ruling idea of Universidad de Medellin, ever since it was founded, has always been to offer education with freedom and without any political, racial, social, or religious constraints, or of any other sort, and to foster scientific research focusing a resolution to Colombian problems.

In 1961, Universidad de Medellin moved to its campus in Belen, los Alpes (sector), which is the home of the university's infrastructure which enables it to carry out its undergraduate and postgraduate programs, and its various services for the well-being of the university community.

Universidad de Medellin is not a public higher education institution organized as common profit corporation which offers university training programs through an integrated syllabus or one set up in cycles providing advanced training, non-formal education, and continued education.