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We consider the Institutional education project:

• A historical development of an institution's original vision which constantly originates an institution's mission committed to our social reality.

• An environment of dialectic tension between reflection and action; this generates an institutional style of education, a way of feeling, thinking and acting in education, which at the same time marks its own nature.

• An institution's realistic projection which allows a daily concreting of this specific educational utopia in the society it lives.

• A construction process of an educational community based on ethical values and on fidelity to its own identity and to the society in the place and time in which it lives.

• An integrating item in all institutional processes which enables the possibility of approaching an institution's own educational purposes targeting on satisfying personal and social needs.

• A tool that promotes coherent efficient education management.

Structure of our Institutional Education Project

The structure adopted to draw up this Institutional education project includes four nuclei; each one of them is made up of various elements which are described below.
First nucleus. Institutional Principles

In addition to having a legal definition of the Institution, the principles and foundations that direct the institution's own education actions, It includes a historical account of the origin and development of the University, the charter of incorporation, the declaration of the mission, the vision and institutional values. It is a general description of the institution's substantive functions and its pedagogic model, implicit in the original experience of when it was founded and linked to the institution's current development graduate programs.

Second nucleus. Context analysis

This analysis, referred to both in the Institution and in the social setting, makes it possible to recognize relevant aspects of the social and historical moment higher education is in the world, the continent and the country to locate the University's challenges. Moreover, institutional particularities are identified; the academic community is characterized and basic premises of quality management.

Third nucleus . Institutional educational purposes

This third nucleus contains a fundamental item for an educational proposal. It is built starting from the confrontation of fidelity and origins using as a fundamental reference the Charter of Incorporation, a commitment to social responsibility, embodied in our current historical juncture. Choosing determinate Institutional educational purposes is done within the legal setting of education resorting to the laws that regulate academic practice and it is done starting from the consensual formulation of the university we want.

Cuarto nucleus. Institutional organization

The organizational model is boosted via a comprehensive management system based on the PEI, as the main tool for strategic guidance, the development plan as the means to realize mid-term and long-term activities focused on the execution of an educational proposal, a Quality management system as a set of processes that facilitate the execution of short-term activities concerning the conviction that human beings are the center of the institution.

Download the Institutional Education Project