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A visa is an authorization the Ministry of Foreign Affairs grants foreigners to enter Colombian territory.

A visitor's stay is the time a foreigner may remain in Colombia.

The validity shall be the time ranging from the date it is issued to the expiration date given on the visa stamp.

A visa application must comply with the requirements set forth by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs via resolution. Any inaccurate data on the visa application form may be a reason for a non-acceptance, a rejection or a cancelation of the visa. Foreigners may apply for a visa online personally or by proxy. In the case of TP4, TP-7 o TP-12 visas , when there is no consulate in the foreigner's hometown or when a company is going to apply for a contract of more than 10 workers coming from the same consular jurisdiction, the company hiring in Colombia may apply for the corresponding visas before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and to do so the company shall submit in addition to the data required, data corresponding to the airline so that the visas may be issued to facilitate workers or contractors' arrival.

Who must register a visa?

Both the holders and the beneficiaries of a visa must register a visa issued for more than (3) three months; they must register at the Registration Office for Foreigners at the Special Administrative Unit "Migración Colombia" (Colombian Migration Office) within the following (15) fifteen calendar days starting from the day a foreigner enters the country or from the date the visa was issued if it was issued in Colombia.

What types of Visas do not require registration?

Visa issued for a term under (3) three months and Preferential Visas, including diplomatic visas, official and service visas as follows:

a) Preferential Visa holders and beneficiaries.
b) NE-1 Business Visa holders staying in Colombia less than (3) three months
c) NE-2 and NE-4 visa holders and beneficiaries staying in Colombia less than (3) three months.
d) TP-11 and TP-12 Visa holders

When must a visa be registered?

• If a Visa was issued out of Colombia, holders must register it within (15) fifteen days after entering the country.

• If a Visa was issued in Colombia, holders must register it within (15) fifteen days after it was issued.

If you did not register your visa within the established term, what should you do?

You must go to any of the nationwide (Migration Service Facilitating Centers) in Spanish, CENTROS FACILITADORES DE SERVICIOS MIGRATORIOS and report this breach of norms.

What sanctions do people face when they do not comply with this migration duty?

They will have to pay a fine that ranges from (1/2) half to seven (7) prevailing legal minimum monthly (in Spanish, smlmv), depending on the case.

Decree 834 of 2013
Decree 4000 of 2004
Visa Instructions

For requirements click here.
For requirements click here.